2019 Cosmebeautica News

2019 Trade Show Event Schedule below:     (for Training CLASSES schedule click here):

-School Owners Summit, Washington, DC, Double Tree,  March 2019

-NACCAS, Tampa, Fl, Hilton Hotel Downtown, March  2019

-NACCAS, Alexandria, VA, June  2019

-CEA (Cosmetology Educators Alliance), Las Vegas, NV, June 2019

-NACCAS, Las Vegas, September, 2019

-American Association Cosmetology Schools, AACS Convention, Las Vegas, October, 2019

-NACCAS, Las Vegas, NV, December, 2019

Why choose Cosmebeautica? How about ten great reasons:
1. The products are customized to each individual state requirements and updated regularly.

2. Our customers choose Cosmebeautica because they can be assured we will respond quickly. We are determined
that we will process our customer orders  and ship out to you within 48-96 hours of placing your order! IMPORTANT
NOTE: We will give priority in our production schedule to EXPRESS shipment , 2nd Day AIR and Next Day air over the
Ground orders when necessary so please plan accordingly when choosing GROUND shipment option.

3. Our preferred shipping courier is UPS Ground and the usual time it takes to deliver the kits will be 2-7 business days depending
on your location. We ship to any location in the United States where UPS will go. UPS also offers several options for faster shipment

4. Yes, Cosmebeautica research team studies the state board regulations to offer you the latest practical exam kit configuration.
Contact us if you need the full description!!!!! Our packages come with the creams and lotions filled in the jars or bottles. The only
containers we ship empty will be those that get filled with water.

5. Cosmebeautica offers classroom style training mock state board exam prep, in-person and in your city! If you need assistance
with your practical exam preparation and prefer in-person training, call us to learn more! Phone 508-245-0797.

6. Cosmebeautica offers value, convenience and time savings by combining all the necessary supplies in kits sized
just right for state board tasks.  Just think how much your time is worth to you!! -You will save many hours of time
that it would normally take to put the bag together yourself!

7. Cosmebeautica kits and supplies are professional beauty supply quality, organized and shipped directly to your
door. Don't use your valuable gas $$$ driving around town picking up supplies! Our kits include distinctive
educational features color coded text labeling system on each task bag to aid you in quickly selecting the correct task
bag during your practical exam. Clear large sized and color coded text labels are proven educational and
"neuro-plastic" strategies for your mental focus needed during your practical exam! Take notice of these colored text
labels during your pre-test rehearsals so you will already be conditioned to recognize which correct bag to grab out of
your carrying case.

8. Cosmebeautica kits can be purchased well in advance of the exam will allow the student to practice with the items,
rehearse and familiarize with the tasks and execute a flawless practical exam. The kit rental companies do not allow
advance receipt of your kits. You can shop by phone, fax, US Mail (with money orders), and now secure online
shopping at

9. A real person answers the phone to assist you during our telephone business hours with your questions and your
order!! Call today for details and product specifications: 508 254 0797 in the eastern time zone of the U.S.A. You can
call on holidays and weekends and discuss a customized solution and place your order!

10. Cosmebeautica collaborates with Career colleges and Beauty schools who choose our kits to provide to their
students! Contact us for an updated quotation today based on your enrollment requirements! Many schools are now
offering our kits incorporated into their student tuition and will be used during your school training as part of your
Information and Trade Show event schedule
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