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Product Descriptions:
Practical Exam kits and State Board Supply Kits for Cosmetology, Manicure kits, Esthetician kits, Barber kits.

- Availability: Kits are available for purchase (no rentals) for Beauty School Student Candidates, Educators / Instructors for your classroom or professionals needing license re-certifications.
-Cosmebeautica follows NIC (National Interstate Council ) guidelines, also Person Vue or PST testing guidelines where applicable.
Scroll down this page below to locate your product descriptions by category for your state. Cosmetology   |  Nail Technician  |  Esthetician   |   Barber   |  Hair Styling

    -The description below will show the Current  LIST Pricing for the kits and accessories only, and on selected products we sometimes offer a sale price.

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  • Product Descriptions:
      Cosmetology Practical Exam Kits (click on your state below):

  • Product descriptions:
  • Nail Technician: (for Nail Tech Practical click on your state below):

  • Product Descriptions:
  • Esthetician Practical (click on your state below)

  • Product Descriptions:
  • Barbering Practical (click on your state below)

    Kansas (KS),    Kentucky (KY),    Louisiana (LA),    Maine (ME),    Maryland (MD),

  •  Hair Styling, Hair Design, Natural  Hair Braiding       
  •  (click on your state below):

    Alabama (AL),    Alaska (AK),    Arizona (AZ),    Arkansas (AR),    California (CA),

    Hawaii (HI),    Idaho (ID),    Illinois (IL),    Indiana (IN),    Iowa (IA),

    Kansas (KS),    Kentucky (KY),    Louisiana (LA),    Maine (ME),    Maryland (MD),

    Massachusetts (MA),    Michigan(MI),    Minnesota (MN),    Mississippi (MS),    Missouri (MO),

    Oklahoma (OK),    Oregon (OR),    Pennsylvania (PA),    Rhode Island (RI),    South Carolina (SC),

    South Dakota (SD),    Tennessee (TN),    Texas (TX),    Utah (UT),    Vermont (VT),

    Virginia (VA) ,    Washington (WA),    West Virginia (WV),    Wisconsin (WI),    Wyoming (WY)

  • Accessories:  Electric Tools, Garments, Textbooks and other Accessories:
  • Ask your telephone operator about pricing or click here --> to view details on our secure shopping website!
  • We offer a few selected accessories to complement your needed supplies for your exam:

   The kits are intended for use by persons 16+ years old who are enrolled in or have completed professional school training.
    -Clearly labeled according to state board regulations, we match the necessary items to  your state's requirements and provide appropriate  quantities for the exam
    -Cosmebeautica can prepare any kits for Cosmetology, Hair Designers / Hair Styling, Manicuring, Esthetician, Barbering, Hair Braiding, and Student Kits.
    -The kits can be applicable for exams which use either mannequins or live models.  We offer partial kits if you just need certain task bags.

    -The cosmetology and barbering kits will not include certain hair styling tools such as electric clippers, blow dryers, curling irons, pressing combs, flat irons, hair cutting shears.
    -We do offer these accessories (click on this link to view) so to give you a "one-stop" shopping experience in preparation for your exam.
    -We now offer the CLiC (Certified Learning in Cosmetology) Practical Skills Textbook and exam Study guide textbooks.
    -The manicure product for States requiring acrylics and sculptured nails are dust and odor free with original manufacturer's labels.
    -The sanitizers and disinfectant chemicals are packaged with original manufacturer's labels and are non-aerosol.
    -For Esthetician practical exam, we offer the flat back mannequin  (click for photo) plain face head without make up for $29.95. (Ask during order process to add to your order.)
    -For states with live models, certain facial exam chemicals and cleansers and make up products are not provided due to possible skin type incompatibility.
    -For all other states using mannequin heads, the facial cleansers, chemicals and moisturizers will be repackaged into 1 oz. or 2 oz. containers for the exam.
    -If the original source ingredients information for these products is needed, please contact us and we can provide.
Cosmebeautica Kit Components Listings, Pricing and Product Descriptions
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Product Reviews:
J. L., New York: *****
I am a beauty school educator and demonstrate the kit in my state
board classes at my school. Th
e Cosmebeautica  kit promotes
consistency and  professionalism to my classroom. I recommend
this company to my students and they love the convenience. "

W.V., Pennsylvania:*****
I compared the other providers and this site by far offers the most
professional and most organized kit and it is so much better than
trying to do it myself! Also glad that I can see the complete list of
what I will be buying before I purchase"

The kit was right up to date with our current regulations! You guys are
doing a great service!

C.A., South Carolina:*****
"I just moved to S.C. from another state where I obtained my license over
20 years ago. The kit has made my practical exam prep so much easier
since I am not connected with a school here to help me put together the

L.W., Ohio::****
"My school recommended Cosmebeautica kits because they are neatly
packed and lots of attention to details. The kit will definitely help me as I
prepare for transition to my professional career."

F.S, California:****
"We just found out we don't have to take a special "state board"class to
take our state board test like the kit companies in California are telling
us!. With Cosmebeautica State board kit company, I can get the kit in
advance of my exam day shipped right to my house and spend more
time practicing!"

J.A., Massachusetts:*****
"The kit saved me money and lots of time! And I am planning to use most
of the left over supplies and tools in my new salon job I just got now that I
have my license."

C.B: Texas:*****
"I saw the posts on twitter (#Cosmebeautica) and ordered my kit. I am
ready to transition to my career!

A.K., Colorado:*****
"My friend won her kit at the Empire Future PRO expo 2013 and it was
so organized and professional, so  I ordered mine too! This kit saved me
many days of prep time! Awesome!

B.T., Kentucky:*****
"I recommend this kit because I will have a head start on my tool bag
after passing the test when I begin my first job in a salon"

H.N:, Alabama: *****
I have a very busy lifestyle with full time job, family responsibilities and
going to cosmetology school! This service was perfect for my situation!

A.W., Maryland:*****
"My instructor recommended state board kit  from Cosmebeautica
because they ship it the next day after I placed my order .  The
Cosmebeautica phone operator also helped advise on the Maryland  
exam. They really have done their homework!"
Simulated Chemical products (pictured
Cholesterol conditioner creme labeled
as simulated product.
Packaged in convenient sized
containers appropriate for the exam.
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Photo Example above shows Client protection bag.
Some of the states require masking tape instead of
transparent tape and extra trash bag for towels.
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